In line with the policy of the group, which is oriented towards Quality, the management of DATACOL has decided to control its activities through a Quality Management System which conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

In 2002 DATACOL obtained certification from TUV Italia s.r.l. – a body accredited by Accredia – of its own Quality System. Even in the years to come, the maintaining of a Quality Control System in compliance with European Community norms, will always be a fundamental objective of the company.

The success story of DATACOL begins in 1993 when its founder Renato Mascotto sets himself the objective of creating an Italian company that will be the leader in the commercialization of fixing systems and specific products for professional applications in the automotive industry. Very quickly DATACOL develops and consolidates its position on the Italian market thanks to the commitment and determination of its team.

High quality and a vast range of products, excellent service and an ever increasing penetration of the market in question constitute the distinctive characteristics of DATACOL. DATACOL’s development continues at exponential rates and does not slow up in the following years: at the end of the nineties the Artisan Line is launched.

In 1998 DATACOL inaugurates its new, modern headquarters.

In 2001 DATACOL obtains the important recognition of the UNI-EN ISO 9001-2000 quality certification, demostrating its rigorous working methods and search for the continuous improvement of its organisation. The success obtained encourages DATACOL to export the Italian model beyond the Italian borders. Conquering the European markets becomes the new imperative; in 2003 the first branch of the group is born: DATACOL FRANCE.

In 2005 DATACOL reinforces its position in the Light Automotive market with the establishment of a dedicated sales line. The strategic importance that DATACOL assigns to the growth of its Human Resources brings about the foundation of a sales school in 2006: DATACOL TRAINING.

In 2007 Renato Mascotto prepares his future succession by naming Andrea Mascotto as the General Manager of the DATACOL Group.

In 2008 DATACOL enters the Spanish market through the creation of DATACOL HISPANIA and by taking over control of the Spanish company INDUSTRIA DE FIJACION TECNICA. SAP is the new integrated business management software of the DATACOL Group.

In 2010 DATACOL AUSTRIA is founded.

In 2012 DATACOL inaugurates its new logistics centre of 15,000 sq.m.., created in order to support the international development of the Group. In April DATACOL CROATIA is founded.

In 2014 DATACOL POLAND is founded.

In 2018 DATACOL SWITZERLAND is founded.

Top Companies 2019

Top Companies 2019

In the “Top companies 2019” ranking, which takes a look at the first 2,000 share companies and groups with registered offices in the province of Verona, Datacol is placed as follows: 40thin the “group classification” and 127thin the “performance classification”.…

Scarpe Diem

Scarpe Diem

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