Datacol Training

For DATACOL, sales represent the essence and the beating heart of the company. To know how to sell a project which is in continual evolution: experience in the field continually transforms the ways of relating to the client and of managing one’s business. In this perspective, the need to train Professional Sales People led to the foundation of DATACOL TRAINING, the Company Training School for the Development of Commercial Careers.

The project was born with the objective of summarizing and organising the sales know-how which brought such success to the company and to create methods and models which are easy to acquire for new sales people

The training provided by DATACOL TRAINING covers the market, organization, communication, the refinement of the study of the products and the positive impact that they have on our customers’ workload.

A specific and intensive training programme has been studied for our new sales representatives, which, as well as the activity carried out in the classroom, also foresees constant training support on the field from the Area Managers and strict planning of the work.

The project team is constantly working to innovate methodologies, organisation and content, and all categories of DATACOL employees are involved. All this takes place in the perspective in which training is interpreted and experienced as a continual and permanent process.