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Truck cleaning: specific products for TOP cleaning!

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Truck cleaning is a must for hauliers!

A truck is not just a means of transport, but a kind of second home, an office, a safe place. And for this reason it needs the same care you would take with your own apartment. Moreover, travelling with a clean truck is a key habit to keep it in top condition, running efficiently, and ready to cross all borders!

Why proper truck cleaning is important

A haulier knows how important it is to periodically sanitise and clean a truck properly, with special attention to the cab.

The Ministry of Transport has published specific guidelines on sanitisation procedures for work places, means of transport and work tools.

At this particular time dominated by the Covid-19 health emergency, hauliers are expected to take more measures and ensure that means of transport are always properly cleaned and sanitized, especially inside the truck cab.

Datacol’s truck cleaning products are winning allies for every haulier, perfect for cleaning every corner of the truck.

Daily use, insects, mud, rain and snow can compromise truck operation and cause faults, malfunctions and simple signs of dirt.

Regular and periodic washing is the ideal solution to avoid altering the efficiency and correct operation of all components.

Health is another aspect that should not be underestimated! The steering wheel, controls, seat belts and all control panel components are real breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. Carefully sanitising the surfaces most likely to come into contact with the outside, especially after loading/unloading goods, will help minimise infection so you can travel in complete peace of mind.


Datacol products for unbeatable cleaning

Detergente bicomponente Datacol Dataflash

Very good degreasing, sanitizing and wetting properties;
Particularly suitable for removing dirt, grease and traffic film.

Acido disincrostante truck

Excellent for removing iron and rust residues;
Ideal for removing persistent limescale;
Does not attack aluminium and its alloys, plastics and chrome surfaces.

ergente per interni

Suitable for cleaning all interior surfaces of vehicles by hand (plastic, skay, painted surfaces, etc.);
Composed of a mixture of low-foaming active substances;
Effective detergent power, easy and quick to rinse;
Leaves a fresh, delicate and pleasant scent inside vehicles.

Lucida cruscotti Datacol

Cleans and polishes dashboards and all plastic vehicle parts, and protects them from dirt, dust, weather and UV rays.

Z430120 – The silicone-free formulation is particularly suitable for environments such as painting areas or sensitive zones.
Z430125 – The silicone base of this product protects and extends the life of treated surfaces, such as dashboards, instrument housings, gear lever gaiters, etc. It has an antistatic effect, leaving surfaces clean and shiny.

Detergente rimuovi insetti Datacol

A ready-to-use detergent suitable for removing residues, including encrusted, of insects and bird excrement from vehicle bodywork, windows, bumpers and light lenses at any time of the year.

Disinfettante spray Datacol

Convenient and practical disinfectant for environments, cabs and surfaces;
Eliminates germs, fungi, bacteria and moulds, and ensures healthy conditions;
Its pleasant scent leaves a feeling of cleanliness that lasts for many days.

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